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    • Introduzione SNC

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    Modulo 1

    • Neuroinflammation, functional approach

    • Diet, lifestyle and Neuroinflammation

    • Analysis of novel Nutritional treatment possiblities targeting disruptive activity of microglia & astrocytes in ASD

    • Nutraceutical strategy for neuroinflammation

    • The Contribution of environmental toxicity in the development of various neurological disorders

    • Mitochondrial dysfunction drives age-related diseases

    • Toxic load and neuroinflammation

    • Neuroinflammation, eating behavior and mood: clinical strategies within functional medicine

    • Physical activity and neuroinflammation

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    Modulo 2

    • The Canary’s Song: a primer on neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration. Early Biomarkers of a brain on fire

    • Glycemic load and neuroinflammation, intermittent fasting and time restricted eating approach

    • The bredessen protocol: a functional approach to the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease

    • Diagnostica di precisione: Metabolomica nelle malattie croniche